Something Winter Blues Blog Hop Project

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42 Responses

  1. Theresa says:

    Your table runner is so pretty with all the blues. The Frozen quilt is really cute.

  2. Loving the blues! Thanks for sharing.

  3. that is a perfect blue something!! and I am sure she will love it – I would love photos of her blue sink!! i think that would look so Cool!

  4. Beautiful table runner! Love that pack of blues you used. Very pretty. The Olaf quilt is adorabale!

  5. I’m quite fond of the wavy quilting in your quilt!

  6. pamelaquilts says:

    I love this project, simple and pretty! Blue and yellow go so well together, too!

  7. Janice says:

    Hi Roseanne! Your table runner project is winner! I am also very curious about the quilt you and your sister are holding together. What’s the story with that one?

  8. Sue D says:

    thanks for sharing these blue quilt projects!

  9. What a sneaky gift for your sister! Glad to hear that it went together fast because I just cut out for the same quilt. Thanks for sharing with the Hop!

  10. Hi Roseanne, your table runner quilt is really lovely.

  11. Nancy D says:

    These hops are too tempting to stop what I am doing and start a new quilt! Got to stay focused, got to stay focused, …..

  12. Lj Meyers says:

    I’m so glad that Carla fit you in. I really enjoyed seeing your project but loved hearing the story behind it, too. The butter yellow backing is gorgeous. A perfect project for chasing the winter blues away.

  13. Carla says:

    I learned something new about measuring. It just goes to show there is an app for everything. Your hst runner is lovely and will definitely be loved by a blue loving sis. What a sweet little frozen quilt too. What a sweet picture. Thank you for joining the Winter Blues Blog Hop!

  14. Colette says:

    Wow love the blue and how you used the camera to move blocks around. I have been doing that too. Very pretty and lucky sister. Addison and her quilt are precious too.

  15. usairdoll says:

    Your quilt is beautiful! HSTs make pretty patterns. I know your sister will love it as well as the butter pecan fudge. I’ve never had that before and I can only imagine how wonderful it is ;-D
    Great job!

  16. Karen says:

    I love seeing what others make with HSTs. Your sister will be one happy lady.

  17. farmquilter says:

    Love your Something Blue quilt and your Olaf quilt!! Both perfect for their respective new owners!! The design of Something Blue is wonderful…lots of movement!

  18. Maryellen McAuliffe says:

    So pretty. Great use of the charm pack.

  19. Wendy says:

    Lovely! It is just perfect!

  20. Susan says:

    Beautiful! You’re fabric choices are so pretty in this – well done!

  21. Joan says:

    I have to tell you, your quilting on the half square triangle topper is so perfect that it gives me the chills. I may have to make a big quilt like that for myself. 🙂 It really is gorgeous. Well, probably not as gorgeous as that little one with her new Olaf quilt. What a sweetheart!

  22. Karrin Hurd says:

    Beautiful quilt projects, and beautiful baby! I love blue too. Most of the walls in my house are blue!

  23. I love your herringbone tablerunner, Roseanne! Such a perfect use for that charm pack, and it sounds perfect for your sister, too.

  24. Pat says:

    Always uplifting to stop by your blog. Roseanne … 🙂 Your really know how to beat the winter blues by creating beautiful gifts for your family. Thank you for sharing and caring and inspring … <3 Pat

  25. sewswift says:

    This is a beautiful runner and perfect for someone who loves their blues like your sister (who has an amazing name, by the way.) When we were first married, one of our extravagant purchases was a blue fake leather couch. We were so creative back then and painted our walls orange. I’ve not had much blue in our house since (or orange walls), but I’m sure your sister’s home looks even more lovely with your runner. Thank you for sharing!

  26. selina says:

    Wonderful project and a great background story. I’m very impressed that you trimmed down all of those blocks before starting. Also loving the model in the picture with Olaf. Couldn’t be cuter.

  27. Gorgeous project! I’m sure your sister will cherish it.

  28. Turid says:

    What a fun little quilt. I love the quilting, perfect for me.

  29. Susan Nixon says:

    A really beautiful table quilt for your sister. That’s a perfect quilting stitch. The Frozen quilt is cute, too, but not as cute as the birthday girl. =) Thanks for sharing your idea and the gorgeous result.

  30. Love the table runner. There are some great blue fabrics in it. I especially like the irregular crosshatch one. And the photo of Addison in front of her Olaf quilt is totally precious. Now I never knew one could measure with a phone. Do you use an iPhone measuring app? I’ll try to check out some of the other winter blues hop participants.

    • Roseanne says:

      Measure is the app in an iPhone and it’s stored in the Utility folder on mine. If you search though it should come up. There’s also a nifty level option, so if you are hanging a picture you place it on the frame and you can adjust until it is level. Very cool!!

  31. What a beautiful runner, and in my favourite colour! I need to jump in on this next year if she does it again. 🙂 And oh, so nice to see sweet baby girl and Olaf again.

  32. Beautiful table runner Roseanne! What a great gift.

  33. Laura says:

    Love the table runner, Roseanne! I am on the hunt for table runner ideas; I may just have to keep this one in mind! 🙂

  34. Love every one of those blue fabrics in the table runner. The wavy lines looks like rays of sun dancing on a pond. Your sister has good taste – you can never go wrong with blue 🙂
    Always a treat to see the sweet babies in your post.

  35. Rochelle Summers says:

    What a great way to celebrate the winter blues! My art quilt group’s theme for January was blue! I do love what I created and enjoyed seeing everyone else’s creations too.

  36. quiltinggail says:

    Love the “something blue” table runner! I’m sure your sister will love it! And A. looks great with her blue Olaf quilt!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

  37. Shannon Fleming says:

    Those wavy lines are just perfect!

  38. Connie says:

    I’m a blue freak, would love to have a whole boring house-full of every shade possible…just furnish with contrast, but all the accessories and rugs, you name it, blue…would probably drive people batty to walk through it. Love the creation! And the extra sweetness pic…

  39. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, I adore the table runner you made for your sister! I have been saving all sorts of projects on Pinterest for when I finally do make time to make one. LOL. Your sisters house just sounds so picture perfect. I always wanted to be a housewife that could do that…but let me tell you, I am not. Ha, Ha, Ha. I love the picture of the new 1 year old with her great quilt! I truly enjoy reading all of your posts, Roseanne. Thank you for sharing and have a marvelous day!

  40. My mother had a lot of blue like your sister! I love the tablerunner you did and yes, the backing was meant to be. Love how you snuck the sweet baby in there!

  41. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    Great blue projects, Roseanne! While I’m not a huge fan of blue, I bet that sink is pretty! Thanks for sharing!

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