Kisses Positivity Quilt-Along Quilt Top Update

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21 Responses

  1. Patty says:

    Lovely.Thanks for linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal and congratulations on your finish!

  2. Kathleen McCormick says:

    You should always be biased about your quilts! I love the way this one turned out too!

  3. Roseanne this has to be the happiest, most positive quilt I’ve seen. Just beautiful

  4. JanineMarie says:

    Oh, yes! The four-patches! Such a cute addition.

  5. chrisknits says:

    It’s Fantabulous!!! yes, it’s a word! Great job all around.

  6. If Happiness could be a quilt, I am sure it would look like this. It is perfect, Roseanne. I love it. Love the cornered square layout and the use of solids – ooh la la, YUMMY!!! Thank you for being with me in this journey. Lots of Love and Big Squishy Hugs.

  7. Cheree Hull says:

    I love the 4-patches too! Great job on a beautiful top!

  8. Susan Pence says:

    The 48 cornered plus blocks in a 6 by 8 layout is very nicely done.

  9. Vicki in MN says:

    So much fun color, you know I really like how you did this layout!

  10. Bernie says:

    This is adorable! I love the four patch blocks – I don’t think I have seen another one like this. Super cute.

  11. Gail Sheppard says:

    You might be biased, but it’s totally fine! This quilt turned out terrific!!!
    Very pretty!

  12. Sylvia Adair says:

    Wow, this is absolutely adorable! And those cute 4 patches! Congrats on a great top!


    I love the way the colored squares give this a secondary block. Well done, ladies. How are you going to quilt it?

  14. The four patches are a great addition to this colorful, cheerful quilt top! Can’t wait to see the finish! 🙂

  15. That is so pretty, Roseanne! I love your addition of the corners that make 4 patches. Such happy colors, too. You’re making great progress!

  16. It looks awesome!! Love how those corners came together to create another design!

  17. It looks awesome, Roseanne! I, too, love how those four patches came together! Great job!

  18. Dawn says:

    Great quilt Roseanne! I do love the 4-patch cornerstones! What a great addition! Love seeing all the positivity quilts popping up!

  19. Wendy Tuma says:

    Poz #1 is looking very pretty! I love the little 4-patches! Well done, you two!

  20. Karla says:

    What an adorable quilt — and yes the four patches are really cute!

  21. This is so cute! Look forward to seeing how you quilt her, happy stitching!

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