I Love Thursday #81

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  1. That’s great of the 8th graders for putting together a birthday package for others!
    97 inches, wowza. You took a neat photo of the snowy scene and very sweet photos of your darlings.

  2. Angie says:

    I’ll have to remember that “gratitude” note – will come in handy! Our church prepared birthday in a box for needy children – the kids in religious education had a blast filling each box and even more fun wrapping the shoe boxes! Interesting how many kids don’t know how to wrap a simple box!

  3. lapaylor says:

    so. much. snow. spring snow. there better not be summer snow.service projects of birthday in a bag… brilliant. Kids, well, people need to be needed, to know what to do to help. You’ve provided them with a way to help others, which will make them feel good too. I made a small suggestion to my friend and she took the idea to her large sewing group… I said, foster kids have no luggage and carry their meager belongings in trash bags. Her group made totes for each kid in the Baltimore system. Everyone won with that. anyway. People just want to know how to help. Anyway I suggested she include a little note saying “you matter to me” so maybe a handwritten note from the kids in the bag, like a card? LeeAnna

  4. Shannon M Conley says:

    The kids are as cute as ever! I love seeing them each week. Crazy about another snowstorm, spring in the north just doesn’t seem to be coming very quickly! At least you have the cute cactus! Have a good week!

  5. I am so tired of snow. We had a little over a week ago and that was plenty for me. We had over100 inches winter 1 year and that nearly sent me over the edge! The kids are adorable as usual. Love the cactus and the card was very clever. Thanks Roseanne for another wonderful love Thursday entry

  6. Sally says:

    Eek! Look at that snow! I love little cacti like that.

  7. Connie says:

    As always, love the pictures of the little ones! They make my week! But a freak snowstorm…don’t even whisper that around here…we finally got all of ours melted…egads, I’m closing the windows before Mother Nature is reminded of that possibility to torture us further…

  8. Rochelle Summers says:

    Some really great photos…snow, kids, cactus, pencils! I am glad the snow is in the mountains instead of down here. I have flowers outside now. The project the school is undertaking is fantastic. What a great idea to have kids focus on others and it sounds like it is teaching empathy, generosity and other good virtues. Have a great Easter.

  9. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    so much to love about this post! What a great service project. Do they need help? I will gladly donate. And what talent for a Little Man! Sign him up for the circus! We are (hopefully) done with our snow for the season, just lots of showers. Hoping they do bring May flowers!

  10. quiltinggail says:

    Sorry, Roseanne, but I DO NOT LIKE YOUR SNOW!!! You can keep it! However, I did love the saying on your cactus card! And the Birthday in a bag is a wonderful idea!!! and those pencils are so cute. Of course, my highlight of the week is seeing your 2 special little ones! 🙂
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

  11. Colette says:

    What an awesome idea a service project. I was prepared for snow, nothing happened. Oh Addison is getting so big so fast. Make her stop growing! Dominick is very talented. LOL

  12. Suzanne says:

    I love the idea of a school grade service project. My Husbands school contributes to a Christmas families gift project, but it is for all grades. Those two are the sweetest babies.

  13. chrisknits says:

    So sweet, these loves of yours.

  14. Luckily that storm missed us though most of the middle of the continent seemed to get hit. Snow this time of year doesn’t last long. What a neat way to acknowledge a worker! And a fabulous project for kids to participate in. Great things to like as well as the two cuties, of course!

  15. jehdld says:

    It was cold here (thankfully, no snow) while we were away…like the nice weather followed us there and home again. That’s a great service project. I remember our local MOM’s club did that project one year. So rewarding and what a great idea to add a pencil to each bag, perfect! Adorable pictures of the kids as always. Hope you have a wonderful Thursday and a super Happy Easter!

  16. mary says:

    What a thoughtful boss you have, Hope your Spring is back now. It seems like little boys are always moving. Heehee. Those two kids are just too cute.

  17. Pat says:

    Good Morning, Roseanne … always brightens my day when I see those cute kiddo smiles. The gift and card is heart warming. It is easy to see why they would feel appreciative. The birthday pencils show your big heart. Oh, no, to more snow. We have been getting rain and it has been cool and damp, but no snow. Thank you for sharing in I Like Thursday … 🙂 Pat

  18. sandradny says:

    Please, please keep that snow on your side of the Great Lakes!!!

  19. We timed our road trip pretty well (had no idea), so we missed the snow and ice storm that blew through here, closing the freeway and whatnot. It was nice to miss one for a change! You have some cute loves going on today!

  20. All we got of that system in our neck of the woods (lakes!) was rain and WIND! Magnolias are opening now, so pretty, how I adore them! Adore…those two cuties! Such joy they add to your lives right?

  21. What a great project for the eight graders! Hopefully the snow is gone and spring will take over! I’m happy to have another dose of Dominic and Addison! Take care Roseanne!

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