I Love Thursday #70 – Last Day of January

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  1. dezertsuz says:

    Boo hoo on no pics, but I completely understand. My guess is they are NOT paying someone to change the code to block. It would be nice if I were wrong, though. Can’t they just go ask IG? LOL Such love other things you shared, though. I enjoyed the meme and the stockings. Thank you so much, and for the Aurifil link. I don’t know what Kindergarten teachers will do without the spool donations, though! =) Have a great weekend!

  2. Lots of good stuff! I love that companies are starting to proactively getting rid of plastic or waste (I’ve recently heard that Haggan Das may start to use returnable metal containers?). Inspiration – following these blogs – there’s so much good stuff to try out and just no enough time!

  3. lapaylor says:

    wow, what a great list. The quote was awesome.

  4. jehdld says:

    What a great message you shared. Wonderful stockings! Sorry to hear you are having blog issues. I find sometimes spam comes my way from them but sounds like you are having a slightly more serious infraction. Hope you get it all resolved and are able to share your cute pictures again very soon.

  5. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    Love those stockings? They are beautiful and I know they will be treasured for generations! And that Dory meme…yeah that’s me! happy almost weekend!

  6. That is a good reminder to just worry about yourself! Not sure why that is so hard to do sometimes… I love your handmade Christmas stockings – they are really special! My brain is overloaded with quilty inspiration from all kinds of places – mostly bloggers I follow – wish I could make all the things! Happy Thursday, Roseanne!

  7. sandradny says:

    The Beck post, ah, I needed that! I read the winds are changing their in Wisconsin. I hope it is for the better, as we’ve discussed 🙂

  8. chrisknits says:

    Have you considered just quitting Bloglovin’. I unsubbed months ago because I was sick of all the emails. Even after trying to limit the amount of emails they sent I was still get too many. Love the story about change!

  9. Tish says:

    That Dori meme cracks me up every time I see it 🙂 I love the advice of #2. It is so true!!! Okay, somehow I missed this bloglovin thing?

  10. Colette says:

    Great likes. I have cross stitch stockings that I made for my whole family….well almost. I am playing catch up but getting closer.

  11. Great post Roseanne. I get From the Universe quote/thoughts in my inbox each day and today was a good one I meant to share, but my post was so long already, and I forgot… such a good, simple, ‘duh, ya’ thing to do. Tell me what happened (missed something when in Mexico clearly) with bloglovin’? Love the Dory joke, so true! And the stockings are wonderful. Stay warm! I’m trying!

  12. Hi Roseanne, lovely likes…I seriously think it’s impossible not to need/want/ thus buy new fabric. May as well just give in, lol. I love personalized Christmas stockings. We think alike…I had the Aurifill report in yesterday’s post and was pleased it was a Canadian company they have linked with. As you talk about, change can start with each of us. I’m confident this plastic issue can be wiped out just like we did with the ozone layer.

  13. Roseanne, love your list of likes today! I especially enjoyed the one about changing “me”! Hugs!

  14. Thanks for the mention, those scraps are on their way!

  15. Great post – thanks for both the Steve Beck post and the good things Aurfil is doing to help with the plastic problem. You’ll see it pop up on my blog – thank you. I have more to read on it, but am so grateful to them and you for this informations.

  16. Great post! I so agree with Steve Beck’s message! My ban on buying new fabric is still in effect except for backing fabrics 🙂 Inspiration is everywhere for me — I only like small projects — when I see something I immediately start dreaming how can I make that smaller 🙂

  17. Are you thawed out over there? We’ve got one more day of nasty cold here; temps should start going up as the day goes along, I think. Fun post to read, with much to think about. I did see Aurifil’s post and I’m glad they are taking that initiative too. Stay warm, enjoy some quilting today!

  18. Connie says:

    Good reminder with Steve Beck’s post…something I have wished over and over that I could remember to do…loved the Christmas stocking! Good luck with Bloglovin’…should be a given…

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