I Love Thursday #57 – Happy Halloween

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15 Responses

  1. dezertsuz says:

    What fun with two babies and then more and more! That hallway needs a long bulletin board with a changing display!

  2. What a great card! Happy birthday.

  3. I don’t dare click on the song video, because I know I will have the song stuck in my head….lol. A belated birthday wish to you…hope the year brings every happiness your heart desires!

  4. Colette says:

    First of all A very happy belated Birthday! Great fall colors. OMG Dominick dancing to the Hot Dog Song….the middle grandson who is now almost 10 used to dance to that song all the time. Thanks for a reminder of the great memory. Alice is so sweet, and I love the frog quilt and she is so stinking cute. Even with a penguin on her butt.

  5. lapaylor says:

    great fall color, and cutest babies!

  6. What a sweet card from Dominic, and a fun idea for using footprints! I love the Frog and Toad quilt – and a book to go with it is perfect! Dominic dancing is adorable!

  7. Yes I’ll be hearing that song now too but I love it! Too cute. Belated birthday wishes and your card says it all. Hope your week is awesome.

  8. Susan says:

    Wonderful loves!

  9. Happy Birthday to you! That penguin butt is just too cute as are the Hot Dog song pics. I do enjoy your loves posts!

  10. nanamickie says:

    Happy Halloween to you all! What a precious boy!

  11. Happy Birthday Roseanne — a day late! Your view of the trees is beautiful….Baby Alice is cute…and seeing Dominic dancing brings a big smile to my face — what a cutie 🙂

  12. Happy Birthday, a day late! You sure had a great day with all the love from your littles!

  13. sandradny says:

    Hot Dog song! I needed that it my life hee hee!

  14. Vicki in MN says:

    I am so bad, I meant to send you HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes yesterday!! So I am sending them now my friend!!! Well this way you can celebrate twice right, LOL

  15. Connie says:

    Too funny! Now that dang song is stuck in my head…I’ll be busting unconscious moves all through work…be lucky if I don’t get hauled away…

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