I Love Thursday #44

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  1. Hi Roseanne, this did make me smile. My long deceased mother used to make meat loaf and I loved it. It wouldn’t be a thing where we live, so I have rarely had it since. i should actually try and make some, it seems simple enough

  2. You make me smile! Love your blog. 🙂

  3. Suzanne says:

    Thanks for sharing the meatloaf recipe. I am not a fan, but my Husband is, so I’ll try it out for him. I love your little man’s sweet smile.

  4. Judy D in WA says:

    Congrats on your win! That’s pretty cool. Your little guy is adorable. Oh meatloaf…I love you so. 😉 Great week of likes.
    PS-my folding lawn chairs came from Amazon.

  5. That paper-reading photo is the best yet I think! Too cool on meatloaf muffins. I’d pass unless they were made with beans…might have to remember that idea! Great winnings too!

  6. sandradny says:

    MMMM I love meatloaf — I must try your recipe! I have driven near and far just to try a restaurant suspected of having good meatloaf. Maybe with your recipe I can dial back the “adventurous” restaurant “diving”…?

  7. cheriec12 says:

    You have some really good loves this week. Save some prizes for the rest of us. LOL

  8. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne; Each one of your Loves were fabulous today! I even went and commented on Lori’s blog, hoping it will help just a tiny bit. It is fantastic what she did for your offer! Part 2 was another delight for you! Such fun fabric to create a Christmas ? with. Have fun with it! Now onto the Meatloaf. I am right there with you and so many other readers! LOL. I do not remember when I discovered my favorite meatloaf recipe, but it involves Cream of Mushroom Soup. I have learned how to make homemade COM soup and it is delicious! I must try baking it in the cupcake tin. That is a perfect way to be able to serve individual servings and for freezing! So fun and full of love the variety of ways to make Meatloaf Fantastic for Everyone! LOL. Yeah….. With Fresh Vegetables being your next Love, oh they look delicious. We did not plant any vegetables at all this year. We are regretting it big time. Yet, there are plenty available to us from family to Farmers Markets. Sol enjoy all of your delicious meals! It is nice to know about the movies you have mentioned. We do not go to the movies, health reasons, yet hearing what others have to say is such a great help in picking out movies on Netflix. Glad that you enjoyed them! of course, Dominic is a spot of your love posts! These pictures you shared, along with the descriptions, are so marvelous!! I loved the one of him reading the paper with his Daddy. Just so precious and a forever keeper!! Thank you so much for sharing all of these fabulous parts of your life with us! They really do help other people smile when otherwise they may not! Have a fun day!

  9. lapaylor says:

    cold meatloaf sandwiches is a gift from God. I put more than four ingredients and use turkey but man, now you made me want to make some. This time I need to make enough for lots of leftovers!

    Both fabric packs look cute!

  10. That envelope is pretty snazzy. Those charm packs are awesome! Mmm… fresh veggies. I don’t have any in my back yard, but the farm is just down the street and I’m loving it!

  11. Shannon M Conley says:

    So fun about the meatloaf! I also never liked meatloaf as a kid, but recently have found a couple tasty recipes. I love the idea of doing it in muffin tins, it gives a great way to make individual portions!!

  12. What a great idea to make the little meatloaves in the muffin tin! I’m going to have to try that. Love the picture of Dominic reading the newspaper- so darling!

  13. chrisknits says:

    We are going to have to end our friendship. Meatloaf is the BOMB!!! You would love my meatloaf. I would share the recipe, but it really is just in my head and what I have on hand at the time I make it. LOL

  14. Jocelyn Thurston says:

    Ah kindness multiplied, Roseanne. Such a great story.
    I have never heard of two things about your recipe…adding stuffing mix? and baking as muffins. So unique but sounds tasty.
    Envious of backyard green peppers!!

  15. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    I literally LOL about the meatloaf. I will copy your recipe if I may as I am not now, nor was I ever, a meatloaf lover. I have a very clear memory of being about 6 and my dad saying I would stay at the table until I ate my meatloaf. Guess who won? Yeah…he ended up carrying me up to bed at around 8 because I fell asleep at the table and before you ask, no, not face down in the meatloaf. And I don’t remember getting peppers this early either although we did not plant them this year (because they come so late…) but we did just pull the first almost ripe early girl tomatoes off the vine yesterday letting them ripen on the window sill (ever worried about the dang squirrels getting them first!). We have been enjoying the cherry tomatoes for almost two weeks now (that’s why we plant a variety of tomatoes). Once again, thanks for making me smile first thing in the morning with your “I love Thursday” posts and the cutest pictures of Dominic!

  16. I really appreciated your kindness. It made a world of difference to me. I never though of putting my meatloaf in muffin tins. Next time I am going to do that. Thank you for being such a wonderful kind person!

  17. The meatloaf made me think of Swedish meatballs, which made me think of the recipe I have for Swedish meatloaf. Hmm. Haven’t made that in awhile. Little D is just too cute! I like to eat green peppers just as they are – yum!

  18. nanamickie says:

    That is an awesome photo of Dom!!! He’s such a cutie!!! Love the fabric you received! I know you will do something wonderful with that!!! 🙂

  19. Wow — you are a lucky woman —- in many ways! I love bell peppers I probably cook with one at least everyday! I never tire of looking at Dominic pictures! Happy Thursday!

  20. Vicki in MN says:

    You are having a nice winning streak lately! So what is your favorite thing to use the peppers for.

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