I Love Thursday #37

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  1. Angie says:

    I need a pair of those gloves – I spent most of the day in the garden and had those dirty nails!!! Yep, I can vouch for absorbent diapers – they perform as advertised!!!

  2. Barbara Esposito, @The Quilted B says:

    1. I do not label either…shame on me but by the time it’s time to label I am DONE with the quilt. and where does it go, and how to attach it…yeah, you get it. 2. Those gloves are marvelous and perhaps I will save them for halloween after planting season! HAHAHA. 3. When is Sue coming to my house to show me how to use EQ 8? I’ve been waiting with great patience but a girl can only wait so long! 4. love that cartoon. Snoopy always has great wisdom. Always. 5. THAT KID IS ADORABLE! thanks for things to love. It’s nice to have some happy stuff to think about, no?

  3. paintedthread says:

    Quilt labels. Gotta love them. 🙂 I have now made little strip ones to at least put my name and date on little projects. Those look like great gloves!

  4. quiltinggail says:

    Hi Roseanne & Sue ….

    I have a quilt my grandma made & I suspect it was a wedding gift for my parents … but with no label – I have no idea if my best educated guess is correct.

    SEW, No forgiveness from me! 🙂 You both need to start labelling your quilts. Period. No excuses. You work together on them … put both your names on them. Just go and buy a fabric pen and write with it. Tuck it in the corner when you’re binding. Easy. Peasy! You don’t need an embroidery machine or anything fancy!

    I do like the idea of putting the URL of the blog post that talked about the quilt.

    SEW … will a see a label in the near future? (Either that – or are you going to UN-friend me?) 🙂

    Happy Quilting and LABELLING!!! 🙂

  5. Shannon M Conley says:

    Dominic is so cute in the baby pool! My niece and nephew (6 and 4) still love their backyard splash pool, it’s great for the hot days when you can’t make it to the public pool. I got in it with them a few weeks ago, but I took up quite a bit of space….

  6. I love those garden gloves – what a great idea! I like that label idea, too. I am also pretty hit or miss about labeling my quilts, and should remember this one! A pool to play in is an essential part of summer! I didn’t know they made swimmer diapers – also a great idea!

  7. nanamickie says:

    Hi all and especially hugs to you Dom! You look so grown-up in that pool! I LOVE that label idea (I don’t label either). Have a great week!

  8. lapaylor says:

    puppies like baby pools too! those gloves look terrific!

  9. The corner label is my favorite way to make labels — I’m lazy :). I just ordered the gardening gloves!

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