I Love Thursday #257 Abundant Blessings

This is the 257th post of things we love for the week. We post each Thursday along with LeeAnna from Not Afraid of Color. Several additional friends also share on a weekly basis – be sure to check them out as you will surely find something to inspire you. “From the fullness of His grace, we have all received one blessing after another.” John 1:16

Love #1

Color! This is a picture of Petrifying Springs Park near us. It amazes me at the depth and width of color in such a small area. The only thing that would have made it better would have been to catch the sky when it’s that really pretty blue. It’s such a beautiful park to enjoy with many walking paths and picnic areas.

Love #2

Pause. I take a quiet moment every single day to pause and be thankful. Sometimes it’s early in the morning while other days it’s as I lay down for the night. The art of being happy can sometimes be forgotten or left by the wayside in its pursuit. Chasing it isn’t as fun as just being it in the moment!

Love #3

Our littles . . . have continued to live their best lives. While Dominic is in school all day, the other three (or four) are only tied up in school in the morning. That leaves plenty of time to visit places with big slides like the ones that Addison and Colt are enjoying. Colt and Chase also found some colorful scooters to race with each other. Chase, would just started pre-school last month, really enjoys with art activities. So much so that he will tell you that he has forgotten to cry when he’s dropped off!

Colt and family went to visit Santa recently. There was a letter writing station that Dada was happy to help him with. Once the letter was written, it was time to mail it to the North Pole. After that, Colt informed the stand-in Santa what was on his list and he also promised to be good. It seems that Colt is loving his role as big brother to baby Maverick. Finally, Addison was crowned as A Star for good behavior. She was rewarded with some Blue Moon ice cream BEFORE lunch! We all wish you a Happy Thursday.

♥ ♥ ♥

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12 Responses

  1. Angie says:

    Pause and be grateful. Yes, every day. My prayer journal always starts with prayers of gratitude, and there is plenty to write about! I adore the pictures of your littles, especially Colt with Maverick. Those blue eyes, oh my!

  2. lapaylor says:

    that quote! so true

  3. Connie says:

    Lovely pictures of the little ones, especially Maverick and his big bro…so cute! I look forward to seeing them every week…and Dominic is such a little man now with a busy schedule…where has the time gone? Bravo to Addison!! She is a star…her smile radiates! So true, the Apollinaire quote…you hit me with that at a very appropriate time…thanks for the reminder!

  4. Chriskntis says:

    Who wouldn’t enjoy those slides!!! I often wish there was an adult sized playground we could enjoy. LOL! Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. MicheleMcLaughlin says:

    Look how big the kids are getting! Warms my heart to see Colt with his baby brother! Wishing you a happy and fun weekend!

  6. Such a beautiful fall picture! And how nice to have an update on the little ones. They continue to bring so much joy to their loved ones. I love your positivity, Roseanne!

  7. Sally says:

    Love those colors, too! I have not been pausing enough, lately. But I’ve taken Thanksgiving week off – so I hope to get a bit of breather.

  8. Roseanne, what a beautiful fall picture! Such a good thought, too – to pause and just be…happy, or thankful, or whatever good thing we can pause to do. Love the pictures of your littles – those slides look like fun! Also the visit with Santa, an ice cream reward, and Colt and Maverick together. So fun!

  9. Rochelle Summers says:

    A wonderful post. Love the fall colors. They make the season so joyful. Counting our blessings is better than counting other things. Those littles are real blessings. Now that little princess…the only girl among all those boys. Chase is growing up so fast and Cole really does look like he is happy being a big brother. Hope you have a great weekend and lots of joy. Hugs and smiles.

  10. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Love the color of fall…so brilliant. The little ones are doing great…they get to have so much fun! Thanks for sharing your joy!

  11. Vicki in MN says:

    The colors in those trees are so yummy, nature sure is a wonder! You get the best pix of the littles to share with us:)

  12. Beautiful fall folliage! And sweet pics of the little loves! Looks like they are having a blast! Poor Dom misses out on the fun having to be in school all day!!

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