I Love Thursday #195 Abundant Blessings

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  1. Connie says:

    Catching up on past posts this morning, can’t miss the Thursday ones for sure! Jam packed this one…loved the Chicago pic and the Webster reference, I just can’t keep up with neologisms! But as always, the little ones steal the show and my heart…thank you for always sharing!

  2. Lots to be thankful for. That photo of the waves in Chicago is really stunning. We had significant winds last week, but no body of water that can produce that kind of wave action. Looks like the kiddos all had a very nice Halloween. Have a great week.

  3. So much good stuff! Such an awesome picture of Lake Michigan. Wow! Very cute kid pictures! As usual!

  4. Sue H says:

    Adorable grandbabies. Trick or treating is a wonderful experience for young and old. Niblings? I think not. This 60+-year-old says nix,

  5. Judy K Blauer says:

    Perfect picture of Chase! Bubble baths are the best! I clicked your link to “nibling “ I won’t be used to that for a while! I’ll always think of food! My sister used to shorten sibling to “sib” or “sibs”. So maybe I can embrace “nib” for nephew! ??

  6. Sally says:

    The kids are adorable, as always. The photos of the dogs hiding are a hoot (I’ve had guinea pigs hide the same way). Nibbling – so many new words – I haven’t heard that one before. I love big waves – those are spectacular.

  7. Gail Sheppard says:

    Nibbling??? When I first read the first part of the paragraph, my immediate thought was “well of course, nibbling should be in the dictionary … isn’t it related to having nibbles? Eating little bits?” Your definition has me shaking my head …
    As always, I enjoyed the pics of the littles!

  8. Look at those waves in Chicago, wowie! Love the Halloween costumes and fun riding in the wagon, too! I miss those days – no littles around here, so I sure enjoy the peek at yours, Roseanne. Happy Thursday!

  9. Rochelle Summers says:

    Oh, what a wonderful post. So full of thoughts to mull on for days to come. I think that picture of Chase splashing should sit side by side with the Chicago waves! Those littles are awesome and I can see how you dote on them. As for pronouns, what is wrong with he/she/her/him? Reading those newspaper articles is just a puzzle anymore. As for the hiding dogs, too cute! Have a great day and an even better weekend.

  10. LA Paylor says:

    omg that baby! Thats the best baby pic ever. I believe we map out our life before coming, according to what we need to experience, but when here we have choices to make and it can take a turn. Sometimes we come to support someone else’s journey. I loved your post. You know I loved the dogs… if only hiding would make noxious people go away… oh that’s just my need… lol

  11. Wendy Tuma says:

    What a fun post with all the good stuff and, of course, the littles!

  12. Awesome, thought-provoking post Roseanne! The tapestry of life – maybe it’s a combination of both trains of thought?! Could it be that our path is destined and the choices we make can keep us on, or veer us off that path? Something to think about! The babies are precious as always and I love the dog memes – don’t stop!! I can give you a sentence with how I use nibbling (which is already a word here in the south-but then we use a few that aren’t in the dictionary!) and the PC pronoun. OK, here goes. Remember I’m old school! ‘It’ was nibbling on an ear of corn! LOL LOL Have a great weekend!

  13. Great post, Roseanne! I am off to check out those new words! 🙂

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