I Love Thursday #189 Muchas Blessings

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  1. Colette says:

    I like cold brew, but then I like hot coffee too. I am looking to cut calories, and while I like the coffee mate vanilla bliss I am wondering if I can use a vanilla syrup but something with no sugar or perhaps just a vanilla extract. As usual the kiddos are so very cute. Little Chase is growing so quickly. Poor Dominick he is missing all the shenanigans at home going to school. Addison is going to be a very special girl growing up with all those boys.

  2. I have never had iced cold coffee and this world is all new to me. Thanks for that as I like to think I can keep up with trends. LOL Lovely photo of your sis and nephew. And of course, the little ones are growing and still having so much fun together which is so nice to see.

  3. Sue H says:

    What a sweet photo album of the kids. I laughed out loud over the Princess’s picture. What a lovely picture of your sister & Jimmy!

  4. I love iced cold brew coffee too! I drink it cold year round but usually after lunch. I always have hot coffee in the morning. I can relate to the teacher meme too! I think a lot of us know how that feels! It’s so nice to see a picture of your sister and nephew. The kids are always so darn cute!

  5. Oh I can TOTALLY relate to that teacher meme. 30 years and every. single. year. that was me. Love #2 is so very true. Cannot do cold coffee, thought I, like you, do tend to drink it fairly cold by the last quarter of the cup!

  6. Chrisknits says:

    Oh that Colt! LOL, he’s going to be a live wire. And all the other littles are just adorbs!

  7. Connie says:

    Super cute! Love the cute brothers bonding and the music lesson, what a great idea! As for cold coffee, used to drink Chilean iced coffee, mighty tasty, just didn’t sleep for years after. Had to break the habit or live perpetually with blood shot eyes…LOL Love the little ones! Thank you for the weekly vaccination against the blues!

  8. Sally says:

    I’ve heard lots of good things about cold brew coffee (but I’m not a coffee drinker myself). Love #3 is SO TRUE! lol The kids are cute as always!

  9. I love cold brew coffee! I’ll have to look for the Dunkin packets – I wonder how you brew them. Overnight in the fridge, maybe? I can sure relate to your teacher meme – I remember those days. Fun to see a picture of your sis and her son – I hope they enjoyed their party! Cute pictures of your littles – they are so loving with each other.

  10. That Addison is fearless standing up in the car. Don’t know that I would have ever trusted my brother that much 😀
    I love everything you wrote today…except I still haven’t tried cold brew coffee. Geez I’m an old geezer!

  11. Rochelle Summers says:

    I’ the odd woman out on this…I hate coffee; cold or hot is awful. A good cup of hot tea or a glass of iced tea is much friendlier for me! Love those “littles” Addison, standing in the jeep, reminds of practicing for a parade…all she needs to be doing is waving. Let’s hope she is safe always. Chase is certainly growing and all those photos make me smile. Donnie Osmond was such a heartthrob back in the day when he was on the Lawrence Welk show! That does date me…They were in B&W on our TV!! Are you still getting in your yoga time?

  12. Wendy Tuma says:

    I used to be a coffee snob, but thanks to Covid and lack of taste/smell (it’s so much better), coffee still doesn’t taste like it used to, so I’m just buying grocery store beans rather than my usual fresh-roasted dark roast. I’m almost ready to go back to them, however, and I like my coffee hot. Not hot, hot, but hot. I sometimes have a cold brew Nirvana during the summer months, but in the fall/winter it needs to be hot. Gosh – Donny?? – I might be game to go if he’s gonna be there (or at least I would’ve been years and years ago – hahaha). The littles, as usual, are darling!

  13. I like my coffee piping hot. So much so, that I often dump the cooler remains in each cup un-drunk in the morning to replace the next cup with fresh scorching brew! HA! This habit is difficult to maintain while on the road and drinking from a single to-go cup so I scrunch up my face and bear it (the cooler stuff) in the name of “Driving Safety”
    Great photos, Roseanne.

  14. Kathleen McCormick says:

    The great coffee experiment – it will be fun to hear where you land on this. I like something that is fast, and boy I was on a weekend with a Keurig and I think it is so much less work. I do like my coffee hot in the fall/winter/spring and iced in the summer. Love the little ones!

  15. Such precious pics of the little loves!! I must say, I’m with Sue’s mom. There is no scenario ever that would make cold coffee right for me!! I like it scorching hot too!! Unless you count cold coffee cake – but then I’d want that heated up too! LOL

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