I Love Thursday #183 It’s a Parade

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16 Responses

  1. Joyce says:

    All pictures of littles are good pics! So much joy. Hope you’re better very soon.

  2. Colette says:

    Oh the doll buggy parade is fabulous. Both of them are! The kiddos are so cute, when they are like 20 you will need to make them reenact those photos. Oh no shingles! My dad had it, both of my oldest daughters also. Seems like it takes a long time to recover from for some.

  3. July just means parades. I enjoyed traveling along with yours. Your littles are adorable! Photographing them really is like hurding cats.

  4. Sally says:

    That is a seriously cool wagon! Herding cats – lol. Shingles – no fun. Feel better soon!

  5. LA Paylor says:

    oh noooo That’s the virus that keeps on giving. Back when we got chicken pox like nearly every other kid, no one knew it would lodge in our bodies. I sure wish you a speedy recovery and patience in dealing with it while it’s active. Poor girl… take it easy.


    Both parades were fun. The group photo was a hoot! Rest, read, stay cool and this will pass, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  7. chrisknits says:

    So sorry you are down, hopefully the meds are helping. What a wonderful parade of cuties! I have to laugh at the attempt to get a group photo! LOL Rest and relax, we will wait for your return!

  8. Roseanne, I’m so sorry to hear you’re dealing with shingles, and hope the medicine is helping! Meanwhile everyone in their red, white, and blue look so festive and like they are having lots of fun!

  9. Gail Sheppard says:

    Ulk … shingles is NO FUN!!! Hopefully it heals quickly!
    The doll buggy parade looks like it was a hoot!!! So fun!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh Roseanne, bless your heart. I know how painful and uncomfortable they can make you. Praying the babies remain chickenpox free. Thanks for posting the buggy parade. It was so precious! Praying you have a mild case and feel better soon. I tried several anti-itch remedies as they were drying up.

  11. Wendy Tuma says:

    Oh, I’m sorry about the shingles. I hope you get some relief soon! Thanks for letting us see the parades. Those littles are just too much fun!

  12. Connie says:

    So glad I had the vaccine for shingles, have seen too much of it in the family and know what it’s like…so sorry to hear you have it! Major pain…so sorry! And thank you for still taking the time to post the parade pictures, which are a joy! Loved sharing the event with the little ones!!! So cute!!! The herding cats had me laughing…yep…LOL

  13. Vicki in MN says:

    Oh now, I am so sorry you have the shingles, I hope the meds help a lot. Take care.

  14. I sympathize with you! I have had shingles…ugh! Get well soon!
    The parades look like lots of fun! 🙂

  15. Do you get to take off work because of the shingles, even a few days? Looks like the adults had a fun time at the parade!

  16. Kate says:

    I’m so sorry, I’ve heard shingles is absolutely no fun at all. The kiddos look to have had a great 4th of July. Rest up and feel better soon.

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