I Love Thursday #182 Blessings Galore

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  1. Hurray for fabric wins! So pretty! Love the colours in the beach photo. My neck hurts looking at it though 😉 isn’t the rainbow pride photo the best way to make their statement? Your littles just keep getting cuter (even the not fond of cereal face) but my how fast they are growing. 😄

  2. Chrisknits says:

    What a sweet slide show!! I just love seeing their faces.

  3. I love reading at the beach! I never go as often as I’d like. Congrats on the gorgeous fabric win! My daughter cried so loudly when I first gave her cereal. Wasn’t I the mean mother!!!??

  4. Connie says:

    So cute! Love the orange onesie, that’s awesome! And the rest of the pictures are all extra sugar for the long weekend! Thank you!! The house lights, btw, are a great idea! What kind of HOA would make them take down a flag for gay pride? How does inclusion hurt them!? Egads…

  5. Sally says:

    It’s been ages since I’ve read at the beach. Love the rainbow lights. What a fun way to replace the flag. What a face over cereal!

  6. So many great things to like in your post this week, Roseanne! Congratulations on your win – it will be so fun to play with the new fabric! I do love that rainbow – lit house. Sweet littles, too! It’s so great to see D and A reading to the baby. The look on Chase’s face when he was trying the cereal – priceless!

  7. Kathleen McCormick says:

    Oh my! Love those Bermuda beaches but my neck is sore thinking of holding it like that! The kids are adorable and the best is surely the little one turning his nose up at cereal…not for long that is for sure!

  8. Gail Sheppard says:

    Sure enjoy your loves/blessings! Ah … the beach picture … I love the colours!!! my favourite!!!
    Congrats on the fabric win!!! And the littles … so fun to watch them grow!


    Great likes. I love the rainbow lights and certainly don’t understand why we can’t let people just live their own lives! That fabric selection you won is beautiful. Congrats again. And what a great bunch of photos of the littles. I love the one of Addison with the noodles…I wish I could squat down like that these days! Poor Chase … nicknames have a way of sticking around, especially the ones you don’t like. All those kids have the nicest smiles. Have a great 4th.

  10. Those blues on the beach scene definitely are calming. After looking at it, I ignored the girl, closed my eyes and could smell the salty air and hear the ocean waves! So relaxing – and we don’t even really like the beach!! Well, I like the beach, just not the crowds! LOL I always enjoy seeing the littles. I am still smiling and thinking how much they enjoy each other’s company. That’s just wonderful!! I remember when we started Jeni on cereal. Once she decided she liked it, we couldn’t get it in her mouth quickly enough!!

  11. Wendy Tuma says:

    That beach scene makes my neck hurt just looking at it – get yourself a chair, girl! Anyway, love the littles and all their antics! Fun to see Chase smiling (except for the darn cereal!).

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