I Love Thursday #167 Blessings Galore

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  1. Angie says:

    Roseanne – our beloved Browns lost this past weekend, so now we are rooting for the Packers! Love the idea of the free sleds – so much better than the landfill, and they will get more use this way than in someone’s garage! Belated happy birthday to Addison! What a creative way to decorate the cake … Enjoy the rest of your week!

  2. Sweet ballet slipper pink birthday cake. It sounds like you had a great week!
    I love the photos you shared of people doing good or interesting things such as sitting in a Covid empty stadium and cleaning up at the capitol.

  3. January definitely has not been slow and calm this year. You had the extra excitement of a birthday. Happy belated birthday to Addison. Hopefully there will much more to love in 2021.

  4. Love seeing the fans socially distancing! Looks so cold! Love the idea of lending sleds. Very innovative! I hate the violence I saw at the Capitol. It’s nice to see someone helping. I’m hoping our new president calms things down. The kids are so cute! Love the ballerina cake! My daughter would have loved it!

  5. Colette says:

    Addison is only 2 I thought for sure she was older already, maybe she just is more mature because she has the older sibling. LOL Colt trying to get the “good stuff”. The photo of the fans is awesome. The sleds lending library is cute, and Andy Kim is the epitome of a good American, how awesome to see someone do what is right, even with their position of power.

  6. nanamickie says:

    I love all your likes this week! Thanks for mentioning Andy Kim! I love seeing the kids grow and I must say that Addi’s birthday cake was really impressive! I could use some cleaning toddlers here! 😀

  7. Brenda @ Songbird Designs says:

    Sweet pics of those babies! Happy birthday Addison! Beautiful birthday cake!

  8. chrisknits says:

    Aw, happy Birthday Addison! I can’t believe it’s been 2 years!!!

  9. Sally says:

    I love that sled lending library!

  10. On, a sled lending library is just too funny. A week ago it was a true horror show, and that congressman cleaning up was so touching. I love seeing the kiddos and that look of wonder while they have happy birthday sung to them is so enchanting! Cole is 10 months, my Annaleigh is almost a year….time is flying by!

  11. I loved the story of Andy Kim, and admired him for doing what he did. Those Packers fans – they never give up, lol! Happy Birthday, Addi! Looks like Colt will have a big one soon, too. Hope you’re having a great Thursday, Roseanne!

  12. Hi Roseanne. The story of Andy Kim cleaning has brought a ray of hope to a lot of people, I’m sure. I was able to watch an interview with him last night after the vote so did end up feeling a bit more positive and hopefully. Can’t believe Colt is 10 months already. Such sweet littles! The game/stadium looks cold but at least some people can get out. We are still in lockdown here.

  13. Sherrie says:

    Great pictures, thanks for sharing your likes this week. Really like the story of the
    congressman…have a great day!


    Thank you for those wonderful inspirations…die hard Packers fans, sled lending library and especially the photo of Mr. Kim. Outstanding photos of the littles. That cake is to die for!! but I love all the photos.

  15. Connie says:

    Love the pictures, as always! From Colt’s infectious smile to Addison’s cake, beautiful cake for a beautiful little girl! Best wishes Addison! Grown healthy and well loved! And I am impressed with Andy Kim…that was a horrifying thing to watch from north of the border…I do not understand the pure joy some people take in acting as they did…there are ways to protest, with respect, intelligence, discipline, and dignity. Call it old fashioned, but it was horrible to watch.

  16. Laura says:

    Andy Kim is a hero in my book. 🙂

  17. txquiltgal says:

    Your kidlets are precious! And how helpful they are. 🙂 What a gorgeous birthday cake.

  18. Yay for those Packer fans toughing it out in the cold at Lambeau! We seem to have gotten a bit soft with that eyesore (oops, I mean indoor) field here in MN. Well, enough of my contentious comments 🙂 Oh my gosh – Colt’s dimples – so cute! Those littles just make me smile, every time!

  19. karenfae says:

    all the violence is heart wrenching and then to hear some agree with it – thankfully they seem to be in the minority – I just hope there won’t be much more and people will come to terms with having a normal president back in office and we can get back to a much calmer way of life – we need it for sure. The little one is so cute as always. So strange to see so few people at a Packers game in the middle of winter when even though so cold the stands are usually packed – so hopeful this will all be back to really normal next year in all things in life.

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