I Love Thursday #127 Blessings Galore

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  1. Angie says:

    Great advice about the paper cups! Congrats on your new great-nephew! I can’t wait for the day that I can be around little kids again. My neighbor keeps sending me adorable pictures of her grandkids with their new baby goats. Stay well!

  2. chrisknits says:

    OMG, those OshKosh overalls!! I loved buying my kids OshKosh clothes, always the cutest stuff. As always, I LOVE all your weekly LOVES!!

  3. Frédérique says:

    Lovely photos of the kids, and this green block is so beautiful, I’m sure yo will find the perfect idea to go with it!

  4. How cute is that smile on little Colt’s face and the kids are growing. They both look taller to me. Take out coffee is embedded now in society, bringing your own cup is the only solution. We occasionally get coffee out and about….not now, of course. I think you two will get lots of sewing done.

  5. What a sweet boy! Congratulations. Love that gifted block. Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  6. Roseanne, I am a big fan of coffee! My daughter used to work at Starbucks and shared her acquired knowledge of those amazing beans. We partake of their nectar on a regular basis…although decaf is mandatory after noon. You are truly blessed to have so many little ones to keep you entertained and filled with love. What would you do without them? I’m glad you two are safe at home doing your part to not spread the virus. We join you in this monumental endeavor. I hope that you continue to be safe and healthy. Together we can make a difference. 🙂 Cindy

  7. lapaylor says:

    that sweet baby smile!
    I’m a home body but having to stay in makes you anxious. I hope everyone does it to staunch the spread for all of us! You are so cheerful, it’s a gift to us.

  8. Sally says:

    Congrats on the new arrival! No travel mugs and now no reusable shopping bags. Ugh – I can’t wait until this virus is under control. Stay healthy!

  9. What a precious little baby and little ones! That’s just what we need right now to put smiles on our faces! Take care of yourself and stay healthy! I’m glad we can sew and do things to stay busy! Hugs, Diane (we use travel mugs too….even for water!)

  10. Colt John is a beautiful baby! We’ll definitely have to change to reusable cups after this pandemic. I hate that we make all that waste. It’s certainly not easy to stay home at this time. We just have to make the bet of it. I’m hoping I can work from home soon. I’ll be a little less stressed if I could stay home and keep out of the hospital. Be safe!

  11. lenneamw says:

    Ironically, we can get take out coffee in a number of places during lockdown, but you cannot bring your own cup during the COVID outbreak. We will have to pick up with that down the road.

  12. quiltinggail says:

    Thanks Roseanne, for sharing some normal life things! (although boredom from HAVING to stay home is not normal! 🙂 Well, since I don’t drink coffee (makes me violently ill), I’m already saving tons of trees from not getting paper cups!
    Love the pics of Colt john, Dominic and Addison!
    Happy Quilting! 🙂

  13. Rochelle Summers says:

    Thank you for sharing your family with us. I smile at all the photos of the littles (3 of them now!!!). That block is so nice. Could it be used as part of a purse or a pocket on a bag? Something that will bring joy to you every time you see it! Hoping you find your spirits lifted during this difficult time.

  14. I just told someone that I’m not making light of the virus epidemic but I need to self isolate myself for several years to get ahead of all my projects. I probably wouldn’t need to buy any fabric either, maybe some thread though.

  15. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, It is wonderful reading the fun and enjoyment of life pleasures in your post again today! I bet it had a bit or bunches to do with all the kiddos! They are always so fabulous and innocent of the world going on around them…thank goodness. All of the pictures were a sure pleasure to me this morning, so thank you so much for sharing them. Now, what a sweet and precious blessing to bring into the world at this time…new life, new hope and new love! He is so precious and my favorite was him in his great Grandma’s arms!!! I hope that Sue can find a release in her boredom. I am such a homebody to begin with, the only thing I am having a hard time with is my visits with my Mother 2 or 3 times a week. I am trying to keep my spirits up in that area by creating some, well only one so far, placemats for our Meals on Wheels. I hope that you have fun creating with your new fabrics!! Plus, I am sending you and Sue big waves from a chilly rainy Southern Oregon!!! Thank you for sharing all of your great parts today!!

  16. Such a sweet smile on your newest little guy, Roseanne! What fun! I love my reusable coffee cup, and feel guilty not being able to use it right now. We’ll get back to it, though! Love the photo of you reading with D and A! That’s the best- reading to kids!

  17. Love the pics of the kiddos especially that photogenic baby! And I definitely am a big fan of coffee and generally make my own coffee either at home or work in my favorite mugs. Have a great day, Mary.

  18. Shannon M Conley says:

    Love that block from Laura! I hope it inspires you to make fun things! Funny story about the coffee, I make it at home and use a variety of reusable travel mugs. This morning I went out early to donate blood and had the lid almost on but not quite. By the time I was through giving blood I had coffee all over me and felt like a giant slob before realizing it was a lid problem. Stay safe!

  19. Barbara Esposito, TheQuiltedB says:

    Ahhhh just what was needed in the middle of this crazy – beautiful kid pictures! And the picture of you with the littles needs to be framed for sure. thanks for making me smile. Hope you and Sue stay sane!

  20. karenfae says:

    sweet baby 🙂 kid photos are always the best. Not sure what to do about Sue’s boredom – I’m having a hard time concentrating and I don’t go out much.

  21. Wonderful post. It will be fun to see what you do with that. Oh, I know what Sue means, but I can keep myself occupied. I do miss the daily (even if very few) real life interactions with people. I think we will all feel energized when we know when our release date is! Haven’t been off the island since 5/15 and only to the grocery store on the island 2 times, maybe 3. The kids are always a treat to see and that great nephew is awesome…and a fun name too. I haven’t seen my great niece yet, binding her quilt today (by hand while on skype with the quilt bee.

  22. Fun post! I’m pondering what could be done to ease Sue’s boredom. Hmm. If I have any ideas I’ll let you know. Congrats on the new great-nephew! That block is really fun. Not sure what the size is, but could you make it into a mini wall quilt, maybe with a pocket or two below it, and hang it by your door – to hold things to be mailed or grabbed as you go out the door? Or maybe add coordinating fabric on the right and left of the block and make a mini table runner? Of course, love seeing the littles!

  23. What a privilege to be included in your Thursday Blessings post!
    So glad you liked my scrap-happy surprise bonus!

  24. Connie says:

    Wow, Colt John has a ton of personality already! He looks like he’s going to be a hoot when he gets mobile LOL And I love the littles, of course…perfect pics to bring on yet another day of remote work and to finish the week tomorrow [of course I come back and stare a bit!]…big hugs to all 3! They make my week!

  25. Colette says:

    Oh my what a sweet little man John Colt is. LOL Addison not enjoying the boys company. Who would have thought that we use that many paper cups. I am sure since we are on a shelter in place order they wouldn’t want to just fill our travel mugs. Heck we can’t even use our reusable plastic bags. Always great to see the kiddos.

  26. Laura says:

    Congratulations! Your great-nephew is super precious!
    So sweet of Laura to make the special block for you! It is good to have friends! 🙂

  27. Colt John is such a cutie – You and Sue are so blessed to have the little ones living close by. I do my part with the coffee mug — I travel with my own mug to use at Starbucks ♥♥ Enjoy your Thursday….stay safe!

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