I Love Thursday #104 Many Blessings

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16 Responses

  1. mary says:

    I’m glad you made it to the wedding and had such a fun time. Those kiddos!
    What a fun post. Thank you. mary

  2. Lisa J. says:

    So much fun and love in these photos. Much to be grateful for.

  3. Jeanne says:

    A wedding full of love! I especially enjoyed seeing the picture of you and Sue! Glad that Dominic is recovered and back to normal 🙂

  4. nanamickie says:

    Fun wedding and great photos! Thank you for sharing the photo of Dominic and Addie each at 9 months!!! She’s a pistol isn’t she? Have a wonderful week and kiss those babies for me!!

  5. Connie says:

    Love the wedding photos! Talk about a happy looking family! All the best to the happy couple – a lifetime of abundant good health, love and riches of the heart! As for those two little ones…sigh…always make my week…positively adore the juxtaposed 9 month pics…super cute!!! Thanks for all the sharing!

  6. Seeing those children always puts a smile on my face. Thanks for sharing them. What a wonderful time you had at the wedding…it seemed extra special for everyone. Also enjoyed seeing your faces!

  7. Sally says:

    Huzzah for a happy wedding. What a wonderful thing.

  8. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, I loved reading your post, as always, but especially enjoyed the fabulous photos! Thank you for sharing and have a special day! Waving all the way from Southern Oregon!!!!

  9. Shannon M Conley says:

    What a lovely meaningful wedding! I’m so glad you got to be there!!!

  10. Congrats on 2 years of Thursday posts, Roseanne! I’m so happy to have met you! That looks like a wonderful wedding – so special to have all that extended family together. I think that one picture of Dominic is *after* he tasted the teething wafer, lol! Cute kiddos!

  11. lapaylor says:

    LOVE the wedding photos and description. You all look so happy and content to be in each other’s company at this union. I like the anniversary time capsule! Two years, imagine! All the positivity you’ve shared with us. LeeAnna

  12. Lots of love this Thursday – newlyweds, great pics and of course the Adorable Ones!

  13. You’ve had a good week! Lots to celebrate. No post from me today; I’ve had a busy week and ran out of steam last night.

  14. What wonderful blessings you have Roseanne!!! Beautiful memories!

  15. Great Wedding pics! And congrats on two years!

  16. Colette says:

    My grandsons are about 15 months apart and boy did they fight, but now they are the best of friends. What a sweet couple and great pics. Glad you made it to the wedding. Addison and Dominick will either figure it out, or there will be punches in the nose and crying. Unfortunately I think Addison will be the puncher and Dominick will be the bloody nose, she looks feisty.

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