To-Do #113 Weekly Progress Update

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9 Responses

  1. chrisknits says:

    Looks like it was a great week!!!

  2. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    Oh Roseanne – you know that picture of Sue and Dominic just gets me! Hope the birthday happiness continues throughout the month! have a wonderful week.

  3. Rebecca Grace says:

    Ooh, I see you’ve got a Bloc Loc ruler in the photo with those HSTs! That reminds me that I bought one of those on another blogger’s recommendation, but haven’t given it a try yet. How much do you oversize your HST units when you know you’ll be trimming them down with that tool?

  4. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, Tell Sue that I am glad that she got to celebrate her Birthday with her parents at a nice restaurant. I always love to do that myself. I am looking forward to seeing more on both of these quilts! I have to stop and buy some fabrics for my stockings today to make the tops, but slowly making progress. Temps are supposed to be in the 100’s here this week, I may move in with my Mom since our air conditioner is not in yet. LOL. I hope that you have a great day!!

  5. You have a great week planned. Looking forward to seeing how you quilt Hidden Stars, what Beothuk looks like AND the appliqué you choose for the new quilt.

  6. Quilts look lovely. I like the grays.

  7. Fun to see hints of your Beothuk Star quilt, Roseanne! I was working on the borders for mine yesterday. Texas Roadhouse is one of our favorite places to go out for a birthday dinner, and “Yes, please!” On those delicious rolls!

  8. Look like a glorious morning for a walk, Roseanne.
    I noticed the color palette on the to-do #2. I like how greys have become a type of neutral to contrast&blend with yellows, golds, oranges, teals etc.

  9. My plan was to get Beothuk quilted this weekend, but I messed up my back quilting the star quilt, so it was all resting this weekend. You have some good goals for the week!

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