To-Do #104 Weekly Update

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7 Responses

  1. chrisknits says:

    You guys are getting it done! I love your umbrella!!

  2. Barbara Esposito, The Quilted B says:

    Wait…what happened to the fabric ban? Hahahaha. I love how the spring applique block came out. Are all the blocks in this the same? I don’t recall seeing them before. Oh, and the cross hatch quilting is fab! have a great week ladies!

  3. Brenda Ackerman says:

    Hello Roseanne, You two are always accomplishing so many projects in quilting! Both of you need to make sure and take time to be proud of yourselves, treat yourselves in some way. I know we usually say that is buying fabric and special tools and so forth, which works…but what about a special treat at the Dairy Queen for your favorite ice cream treat or go and have your nails painted! You both know I am cheering you on and everyone else also!!! I have to say that I truly love the backing fabric you chose for the Dr. Suess quilt this time, it is one of those fabrics that just instantly makes you smile! Plus, you did a marvelous job with the Cross Hatch Quilting. I think it is my favorite design, I always have a tough time deciding how far apart to space my stitching. Do you? The blue fabrics you bought for the next quilt is very pretty, I look forward to seeing it! Plus, after seeing Sue’s lovely hand stitching, I am really looking forward to seeing what she is going to do this time! It has been quite some time since I have made an Irish Chain Quilt, the Double has always been one of my favorite patterns. Sue, your appliqued Umbrella blocks are so precious! I have a similar pattern in a magazine and have thought about making it. But need to keep working on all of my Tea Pot Blocks for now. LOL. I have once again enjoyed everything in your post today and am so glad that you shared it with us! Have a fabulous day!

  4. Nope. Not sick of those Dr. Seuss quilts at all. Congrats on finding a best-seller that also satisfies your soul in its creation.

  5. You are making great progress. I love the way the runner is looking and hooray for 3 sales. I keep delaying putting up some of my things in a store, but that has to rise to the top of the list soon!

  6. I love how you two stick to a plan! Happy Monday!

  7. It’s so satisfying to see that to-do list checked off! I love those beautiful blues for the hand quilting project. Thanks for linking up to What I Made Monday.

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